“Working so closely on community engagement projects around the country I have seen first-hand the positive impact public participation can have on the changes to a community, however, often I hear from friends and family ‘why should I engage’, ‘no-one will listen’ or ‘they will just do what they want!’


“For today’s police officer, it’s no longer enough to just work in the community, they must be part of it. Becoming a visible and integral part of the community they serve benefits everyone involved..”


Nancy Kaleme for President

Nancy is a multifaceted professional, with over 20 years working experience in public and private sector, both in East and West Africa. With an academic back ground in Actuarial Science from The Institute of Statistics and Economics… more 

Empowerment of local women

Enabling empowered women to work equally in all the productive sectors—agriculture, manufacturing, services and technology sectors…..see more

Stand with everyone

Towards sustainable and inclusive local development: local resource-based approaches and decent job creation….see more

Work with law enforcers

The role of the Uganda Police Force can never be understated. … As frontline response officers in the fight against Covid-19…..see more 

“You can no longer see or identify yourself solely as a member of a tribe, but as a citizen of a nation of one people working toward a common purpose.”
― idowu koyenikan,